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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Congratulations, Ben and Jennifer Affleck!

If you've been reading this website for a whiole, then you know that I've been doing my best to help my friend Ben Affleck marry a good Jennifer (See November 01, 2004's BENNIFER EPISODE II: A New Hope?). Well it finally seems to have worked, because he and Jennifer Garner recently got married, and are pregnant (well, I'm pretty sure she's pregnant, but you never do know).

I can see it now... in about 8 years their son/daughter will be flipping through channels and see Daredevil. "Mommy? Why is Daddy blind, and why are you beating him up on a playground?" That kid is going to have a rough life. I mean, we all get teased at one point or another about our parents. But when your Dad was in Pearl Harbor and your Mom was in 13 Going on 30, you better either have a really good defense, or be able to beat the living crap out of anyone.


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