The Randomness Continues

Thursday, April 21, 2005

So, what ACTUALLY happened behind the sealed door of The Sistine Chapel?

10. Halo LAN party.
9. Johnny Depp-a-thon.
8. Put on their mothers' clothes and make up and argued over who is cuter, Nick from the Backstreet Boys or Justin from N*Sync.
8.Vatican Idol.
7. Spin the Bottle.
6. Watched the Cardinals-Padres game.
5. Tapped a keg and set a lit bag of dog shit on the front step of St. Peter's Basillica.
4. Took the Pope Mobile for a joy ride.
3. Drew mustache's on Michaelangelo's figures.
2. Held a quiet, respectful, holy conclave.
1. Fight Club, Ratzinger vs. Sodano.


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