The Randomness Continues

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

What exactly is the commercial for Britney Spears' new perfume trying to say? Does spraying the perfume cause you to see a sudden flash of images (which could then send you into a fit of spasmatic seizures)? Is the scent so strong it makes people compulsively stare at doorknobs? Or does it merely cause you to have sex with someone you just saw at the main desk of a hotel?

All of those questions popped into my head after seeing the commercial for the po(o)p singer's new line of perfume, ironically called 'Curious'. Let's see-- how can I have fun with this?

"This new perfume gave me a Curious rash."
"I'm Curious to know if my skin should feel as 'on fire' as it does."
"I've worn it for a week now, and I'm Curious to find out when I start having spontaneous hotel sex!"
"My daughter started wearing it, and now she's in the hospital because of a seizure. I'm Curious to find out when her feet will stop kicking out at weird angles, and when she'll stop foaming from the mouth!"
"Britney is making a whole lot of money off of Curious, similar to how Jennifer Lopez did off her perfume! How Curious. Their music and movie both suck. Also Curious. And Britney saw how much J-Lo liked getting married several times, and now she's trying it! Again, Curious!"

That was fun! I'm Curious to see where I can take this! (muffled laughter) So will this new fad of celebrities starting lines of perfume (Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton) catch on? I think it will. So who's next?

Musky Old Man in a Can, the new scent from Sean Connery!
Ass and Garlic, the new scent from Bill O'Reilly!!
I'm Too Young to Act Slutty, but I still Do , the new scent from Lindsey Lohan!!!

That's it for now. But I bet this fad will continue. So look for my new scent, Le cologne du Randomnessence!


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