The Randomness Continues

Friday, September 10, 2004

Michigan doesn't sound so bad now, does it Florida? Sure, Florida has always been better than us. They have Miami, we have Detroit. They have P. Diddy, we have Eminem. They have their state's likeness appearing in a game that involves murder and car jacking. We have murder and car jacking. But only one thing matters right now: haha, you're getting pummeled by Chuck, Frank, and Ivan.

Every year when Michiganders run away from the snow and hide in Florida, they get criticized. "Snow birds". But now, with three catergory 3+ hurricanes in the last four weeks, Michigan doesn't sound so bad.

Sorry Florida, but you're in for a shock. Just to get even with you, we made certain that there is absolutley nothing to do in this state. Haha, fool on you. When we retreat to your state, we get: Disney Land, beaches, semi-nude women.. who aren't ugly! But when you come here, you only get: unpredictable weather, boredom, and The Tigers. Now you know why we leave.

So when the next hurricane hits, make sure you take a closer look at our state motto: GREAT LAKES... NOTHING ELSE.


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