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Sunday, September 19, 2004

I'm one of those people who loves to read. Whether it be books, magazines, newspapers, grocery lists, TV Guides, graffiti on bathroom stalls, or very funny websites.. I'll read it. The last one is what I want to talk about. For years I've been looking all across the internet, from (C:) to shining (C:) (some computer humor), for funny websites with lots of content. And I have found a lot (Maddox, Red vs Blue, HomeStarRunner, The Opinionated Guy, Weebls-Stuff, The Onion, Useless Knowledge, E-baum's World, The Darwin Awards, JibJab, Angry Aliens, Pirates vs Ninjas, Fling The Cow, etc.).

But one website I found recently has become part of my daily routine. This website is BuzzJive! The website features reviews and babbles by two people, T-money and Goofy B. But one of the greatest parts about this website is how we, the people, can put in our two cents. They have a great system for commenting on their reviews and babbles, but the very best part is their Guest Reviews. After going back to this site a few times, I decided to send a handful of my own reviews in.

A few weeks later, I go to their website, and what do I see? An entire babble about yours truley. They also posted two of my guest reviews (and technically they did post a third), and a link to my website. How nice of them! I'll have to remember to send them fruitcakes come Christmas.

So please go to their website, it's worth it (and I need to repay them for all of the free publicity). While you're there, check the place out. Pretty snazy.


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