The Randomness Continues

Thursday, August 12, 2004

(WARNING: The following post contains nothing valuable. What it does contain is a whole lot of meaningless crap about the search engine Google, which has been strung together in no apparent pattern, for no apparent reason. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

I was feeling bored, and decided maybe Google could help me. It has pulled through for me in the past, so why not? The first thing I searched, for no apparent reason, was Royal Guard. I was thinking of those highly disciplined British guards you always see pictures of. What I got was a few pictures of British Guards, and the rest was from Star Wars. Which got me to thinking: what exactly is the world's internet priority? To figure this out, I chose some words, and typed them into Google and recorded the number of websites on that subject. Here are the results:

THE POPE: 4,340,000
THE BEATLES: 5,600,000
HARRY POTTER: 6,600,000
LOL: 10,000,000
HATE: 13,000,000
JESUS: 23,000,000
COFFEE: 25,300,000
DRUGS: 25,600,000
PEACE: 29,500,000
RELIGION: 33,000,000
ASS: 33,000,000
SIN: 40,900,000
FIRE: 50,000,000
DOG: 54,000,000
CAT: 56,000,000
GOD: 60,800,000
EBAY: 61,000,000
GOLF: 61,000,000
DEAD: 91,800,000
WAR: 97,100,000
LOVE: 118,000,000
FOOD: 123,000,000
MONEY: 126,000,000
SPORTS: 166,000,000
TRAVEL: 177,000,000
GOVERNMENT: 180,000,000
TV: 182,000,000
EDUCATION: 182,000,000
PHONE: 185,000,000
SCHOOL: 192,000,000
BOOKS: 193,000,000
CHEAP: 194,000,000
ART: 195,000,000
PICTURES: 197,000,000
SEX: 201,000,000
WOMEN: 206,000,000
MEN: 223,000,000
COMPUTER: 225,000,000
MOVIES: 239,000,000
CAR: 240,000,000
WEBSITE: 241,000,000
MUSIC: 260,000,000
WORLD: 263,000,000
GAMES: 271,000,000
EMAIL: 284,000,000
BUY: 362,000,000
INTERNET: 391,000,000
TIME: 403,000,000
NEWS: 432,000,000
FREE: 562,000,000

(NOTE:The actual highest returned results I could find was for the word THE, at 5,900,000,000. But, I didn't think that was fair to all the other words)

Now, I think that list is just short of incredible. Look at the top word, FREE. Are we really that fucking cheap? I think we must be. I also love how ASS and RELIGION have the same number of results. COFFEE and DRUGS are both bigger than JESUS, and SEX is bigger than GOD.

(KIND OF UNRELATED NOTE: You can type in Google on Google, and the top result will lead you back to Google. The questions is: why?)


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