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Friday, August 13, 2004


I've never been really superstitious. Sure, I try to not break as many mirrors as possible, but that's not so much about the bad luck as it is about me not wanting to clean up broken glass. As bad as my laziness can get, sometimes it saves me trouble. Before I get to the point of this post (is there one?), I'd like to shoot off into a completley un-releated direction.

I, like thousands of people, own the Grand Theft Auto games. The games which the media like to rag on. Sure, they are violent and graphic, but that doesn't mean we're going to recreate what we see. I don't care about "proven facts" and "test results", I have a theory that proves most people who play the GTA games won't start a life of crime. That proof? Most video game players are lazy. "I would go steal cars and kill prostitutes... but Best Week Ever is on!"

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah. Superstitions. So today is Friday the 13th. Bad luck? No. Good luck? No. Today, nothing happened. Nothing. No Jason. Nothing!

Well, there is the Olympics. I think it's kind of strange that NBC has over 1,500 hours of coverage on the olympics, when the events have already taken place by the time we get to see them. Athens is 7 hours ahead of Detroit-Eastern Time (according to The World Clock), so the opening ceremony which starts tonight at 8pm, actually took place 7 hours ago. Why even watch the events? Because they are entertaining? Some of them are. But who wants to watch Taiekwando? I can just go to ESPN and find out that America kicked ass like always. Sorry NBC, I like Conan, but you aren't going to get me to waste what is left of my summer watching TV-- well, atleast by watching the Olympics.

And what about Hurricane Charley? I think that's the worst name for a hurricane. I saw a headline on CNN that went "Here Comes Charley". It sounds like they are talking about a dog. Here boy, here Charley. Oh wait, it's just a level 4 killer Hurricane. My bad.


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