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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Has it really been a year? It seems like just yesterday that I was making fun of people for slapping down the deed to their houses to get 30 gallon bottles of water... only for power to come back on the next day. It was not a big deal. Sure, it was one of the largest blackouts in history, stretching from New York City to Detroit. And maybe it did cause us to lose millions of dollars. And sure, I can even believe that maybe a few people died. But seriously, it wasn't THAT bad.

Actual satelite photo from August 14, 2003. Posted by Hello

Ok, maybe it was kind of a big deal. But, one year later, everything is fine. The world has not ended. We all survived. We have power back on. And most importantly, I have my Jones Soda again. So why the hell is FOX News doing this huge piece on "BLACKOUT '03-- ONE YEAR LATER"? I still don't understand. Why can't FOX News be more like CNBC? Instead of semi-relevant news stories, we want shows like Dennis Miller, and McEnroe! News? Who watches the news for the news anymore? That's so 1999. (muffled laughter)

Wait--- I did? Posted by Hello

I know everyone has heard what the Government released as the reasons for the Blackout. You can find the full report at the Office of Electric Transmission and Distribution's website. But that's not what really happened. It turns out the Government was so embarassed about the actual events, that they had to cover it up. Below is an exclusive picture taken on August 14th, 2003, that shows what REALLY happened.

Actual photo of the New York skyline on August 14th, 2003. Of course this picture has not been altered in any way! Do you really need to insult me like that? I'm credible! I show more than just cheap crap on this website. Posted by Hello

I can see why they'd want to cover it up. I mean, Japan has been crushed over 20 times in the various crappy Godzilla (or Gojira, in Japanese) movies. And when the giant monster finally leaves Japan, American director Roland Emerich (Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow-- see any connections between his movies?) makes fun of them with his crappy movie about New York being torn down. So when it finally does happen, I can understand the need to cover it up. It's either that, or face the laughter and ridicule of 127,333,002 Japanese people.

BUSH: "Aw c'mon, we can take 'em!" Posted by Hello

(NOTE: I know the quality of that last picture is pretty low, being that I fused two of my own doctored pictures together. But I can almost hear Bush saying the line from that caption, and that makes up for that crappy quality)

(FURTHER NOTE: Don't say it's easy to make a blog. This post took me nearly 2 and a half hours to perfect. I don't just type in the box. This isn't your sister's Blurty. I use HTML. And for my pictures, I use MS Paint. That's right, I don't have photoshop yet. I do it pixel by pixel. But I hope to be getting Flash and Photoshop real soon)

(KIND OF RELATED NOTE: I actually got an email from someone who likes my website. Ang get this, he was from Japan. I didn't even know people from the United States read my website)

(EVEN FURTHER NOTE: And my guess is after all the things I said about Godzilla and Japan, he probably hates me now. Damn, when I finally get a fan..)


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