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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Every once and a while, I'll turn on the Olympics just to see if America is still beating up on everyone else. Today, while I was watching, I saw the medal count list. Of course, America is in the lead. But the true story is at the bottom of the list. While looking at the countries who have the lowest number of medals, something catches your eye, and suddenly you're asking yourself one question: Oh Canada! Why do your summer athletes suck? They have one medal, a bronze in women's synchronized diving. Yes, a bronze. Not only do they only have one medal, but that medal is a bronze.

A party took place late Monday night, celebrating Canada's first medal. Divers Emilie Heymans and Blythe Hartley were there, along with the medal. During the celebration, the medal was passed around. After the party was over, the divers could not find the medal anywhere. After searching the entire hotel, they found the medal, lying in a pool of melted chocolate, along with a note:

Dear Canada,

We were just kidding, we didn't think you'd actually believe that you won a gold medal. Enjoy the chocolate!

Athens Organizing committee

Ok, I'm just kidding about that. But it might as well be made of chocolate. What happened to Canada? During the winter games they rocked. Sure, they won half as many medals as the US, but at least they won some big events, like Hockey. Who watches women's synchronized diving? I find ping pong more entertaining. I guess Canada should just stick to winter games. Or, they can decide to become the 51st state (they already are, it's just not official) and ride the United State's awesomeness wave.

Jokes aside, good luck Canada, and enjoy your pretty consolation ribbon.

(RELATED NOTE: These Olympic games are turning out to be some of the most boring and uncrowded games in Olympic history. So like most people, I'm already checking out the progress on Beijing 2008!)


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