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Monday, July 19, 2004

Everyone knows that celebrities can, and will say whatever they want to. True, sometimes the things they say make no sense, or the reasons for why they said those things make no sense (Mike Tyson and Bill Clinton, anyone?), but they still do it. Some take criticism (or get fired, Whoopie) for what they say, but usually we simply forget it a week later. But when a celebrity becomes a politician, they have to realize that more people will hear their coments, and more people wont forget them.

But in Arnold Schwarzenegger's case, people are just over-reacting. So he called some Democrats "girlie-men", what is wrong with that? Homophobic? Sexist? HE'S A FORMER AUSTRIAN BODY BUILDER, I don't think he knows what those words mean! He was just quoting a Saturday Night Live sketch. Come on people. Didn't you see Jingle All The Way? (muffled laughter) The man makes jokes for a living! Sure, now that he's Governor of California he has to watch what he says a little more carefully, but this is just absurd. Do they even know what "girlie-men" means?

The word comes from an SNL sketch involving two Schwarzenegger-like body builders, who used the word to make fun of people without muscles. Now seriously, how many of the people who thought the word was sexist or homophobic have bulging muscles and can bench press a school bus? Not too many. According tp Schwarzeneggers definition of the word, they should have no problem with it. But of course, some people imediatley look for a negative meaning to it. "Girlie" = oppresed women. "Girlie-men" = homosexual men. Or maybe it's just Ahh-nuld trying to crack a joke. Loosen up Democrats. I bet you wouldn't have a problem if Kerry called Republicans "Girlie-men".


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