The Randomness Continues

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

As a kid, I watched a lot of cartoons. As a teenager, I still try to watch a lot of cartoons. Who doesn't? What's so bad about watching Bugs Bunny while studying for SATs? I don't see a problem with that. Well, one morning, I was flipping through chanels, when I saw Scooby Doo. When I was younger, that show scared me. It wasn't just one thing about it, but more of a combination of things, like ghosts, scary settings, and Velma.

However, unlike my fear of geeky women in glasses and red dresses, I eventually got over my fear of ghosts. Whether they are real or not is anyone's guess. But what cured my ghost-phobia, was movies. Ghostbusters taught me that even Rick Moranis wasn't "afraid of no ghosts". Ghost taught me that ghosts could be sexy, then incredibly frightening as they pull that one guy down to hell. And finally, Field of Dreams taught me (to dislike Ray Liotta) that ghosts like Iowa. How did that help me? I don't live in Iowa. Those damn Hawkeyes can have all the ghosts (and Ray Liotta) they want.


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