The Randomness Continues

Monday, June 21, 2004

The WiseGuy sat staring into a window. The problem, however, was that he wasn't actually looking out a window, he was looking in a mirror. But it wasn't a normal mirror. Instead of seeing himself, looking back at himself, he saw a window. The WiseGuy looked over his back, to where the reflection seemed to be coming from, but there was nothing there. Confused, he reached out and touched the window, which suddenly exploded.

After brushing the various pieces of broken glass off himself, The WiseGuy looked into another mirror. Instead of seeing the window he had previously seen, or his reflection, he saw himself. Now, most people say seeing yourself would be seeing your reflection, but not if the self you see is not the self you normally see when you see yourself in a mirror. The self he saw was different from the self he normally saw, in that the self he saw was wearing a quite large, pink party hat. The self he normally saw was not wearing a quite large, pink party hat. Other than the pink party hat, there was something else different about the reflection: behind the reflection that wasn't a reflection, there was the window which wasn't there. Except, now, it was there. Not only was it there, but a bird had just ran into it.

Feather were falling from the screen, when The WiseGuy opened the window to see if the bird was okay. "Hey bird," he said, "Are you okay?"

"..." The bird responded.

"Do you need help?"

"..." The bird one again did not respond.

"A band-aid? A ladder? A hard drink?"


The WiseGuy decided the bird was either dead, or anti-social. Whichever it was, he decided he'd go back to the mirror where the reflection of himself that wasn't quite himself was. The reflection wearing the party hat was sitting in a chair, playing with a noisemaker, and looking very bored. The WiseGuy stood up, and touched the mirror, thinking perhaps being exploded would liven up the party. But instead of shattering, nothing happened at all. Well, atleast for almost 17 minutes.

After 17 minutes, a bird promptly smashed into the reflection that wasn't quite a reflection, damaging his party hat. Concerned, The WiseGuy walked to the window in the mirror, opened it up, and climbed out. Suddenly, the reflection that wasn't quite a reflection was replaced with a bird that was now wearing a very beaten up party hat. Instead of the normal cone, the party hat had a whole on the top, and was covered in duct tape.

As The WiseGuy was looking at the bird, a hand reached down, and pulled the hat off of the bird. The WiseGuy looked up to see the reflection which wasn't quite a reflection close the window in the mirror, which turned out to be neither a window or a mirror. In fact, it was most certainly a washing machine. Pouring in some bleach, the reflection that wasn't quite a reflection hit a button, starting the spin cycle.

When he was done, The WiseGuy was hung on a wash line, until a bird picked him up, and built a nest out of him.

When The WiseGuy woke up, he gasped. For the first time, the really, really strange crap happened before he woke up.



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