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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Earlier in the day I saw an interesting link to for a music trivia game, in which you could win free downloads, or something (I'm not quite sure why, considering at the moment I'm breaking the law by downloading from Kazaa! Come arrest me!). Anyways, it's not the promotion or the game that I want to talk about. As the page was loading, a little pop-up appeared requiring you give your ID. The following things made little, or no sense:

1)Why are minors not allowed to go to a beer website? It makes no sense. We can't get intoxicated through the website. The website isn't going to change someone's mind about whether they want to drink under-age (wow! That website was so awesome, I'm going to go get a fake ID!)or not. There is no reason to limit the age. Now, for some websites with adult content, having a warning is a standard thing. And that makes sense, because there is actual content that people under 18 aren't legally allowed to see (legally, a lot do anyways). But there was nothing harmful about the website.
2)Under the choices were many, many years that are after 1983. What's strange? Anyone with a birthday between 1984 and 1998 (the latest year posted (they would be 6, which seems a little young to be: a) using the internet, b) going to, and c) going to a beer website. But hey, that's just me))are obviously too young to drink. And since they make it clear that you should be over 21 to be on the website (at the top), why make incorrect answers available? This isn't an exam, I already took one of those today.
3) And finally, shouldn't all products that have a restricted age require me to identify my year of birth? You would think so. However, Cigarette websites seem to have been clued out on this.

Well, now that I know I'm not supposed to go to beer websites, even though it's not something I want to do, I will make a habit of going to them more often. You hear that 'King of Beers' ('President of Beers', 'Fuhrer of Beers', 'Kim Jong III of Beers', it doesn't matter)? I'm rising up against your system! I will commit 'hops and barley Regicide!!!!!'

(NOTE: School is out! More posts!)


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