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Friday, April 30, 2004


The entire country seems to be talking about an election that is still more than half a year away. So why shouldn't we? Ok, so you're probably all dying to know who I would vote for, if I could. The truth is, I don't like Bush or Kerry. I'm all for Nader, and I have good reasons for this too. First of all, I don't think George W. Bush was a bad president. I simply think his luck is very bad. During his term, we've seen:
-The worst terrorist attack on American soil
-Two wars
-A sinking economy
-Increased gas prices
-And a steady increase in the number of reallity TV shows
Now, I'm not saying any of that is his fault. In fact, he made the best out of all situations. But, from what I've pieced together, it does sound like the whole truth was not told about Iraq. I'm not saying he lied, I'm just saying he wanted to be seen as the President who finally got Saddam. And when he heard that they could possibly have stock piles of weapons of mass destruction, he got even greedier. Maybe he didn't pause to think that his sources weren't correct. Who cares, that is the past. The war in Iraq (using a quote from Apollo 13) was "a succesful failure". We got Saddam. We killed his sons, and just about everyone in his regime from the second in command, to the guy who re-bristled the regime's janitor's push-brooms. But with them, we lost a hell of a lot of soldiers. Now, you all knew this. Everyone has their own opinions about the war. But what no one can deny, is that it would have been better if he had gone in there with the UN's permission. After all, the United States isn't the world's peace keeper. We have the UN for that. But apparently, the UN doesn't do things well enough for us. So he didn't do the best job in Iraq. Is that why I wouldn't vote for him if I could? Yeah, pretty much. Now about Kerry, he just doesn't seem like a nice guy. You know, the kind of family that looks nice and happy, but in fact, they are major jackasses, but together they look happy because their jackassiness (new word) is wasted on each other. Kerry seems like that kind of person. I know that doesn't seem like a true reason not to like a candidate, but meh, my opinion doesn't matter. And finally, why do I like Ralph Nader? He wants to legalize marijuana. I don't smoke it, but I feel people should be able to do whatever the hell they want, as long as they don't hurt others. If they want to smoke weed and laugh at their own hands, why not? In the end, I think we should just hand the presidency over to Samuel L. Jackson. That guy is such a badass. He was cooler saying one line in Kill Bill Vol. 2 (an amazing, amazing movie) than most actors are in their entire careers ("He's the man!"). And on top of that, all of his other movies. Forget the election, Samuel L. Jackson for President!

He's the man! Posted by Hello