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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Okay, so this is America, and they say people are allowed to say whatever they want to. But how much is too much? Seriously. How many stupid people need to say stupid things before we realize not everyone deserves to have an opinion (the thing is, though, if we did that, this site would no longer exist. So, sadly, I am a hypocrite). Why am I saying this? Well, it all has to do with movies. Some people would call me a movie geek. But the thing is, I am considering going into the business. So it's less geekness, and more planning for the future (I swear, this isn't just an excuse to go see more movies, all though it can't possibly hurt). I read a lot of websites about movies. Reviews, previews, rumors, etc. I also check the reviews in the newspaper. That is where the whole "(semi) hatred of free speech" thing comes in. Featured in the paper is a critic who writes (among other papers) for the Newark Star Ledger. Stephen Whitty. Now, anyone can have a personal opinion about most things. But when it comes down to THE BIG THINGS, and these people are going against the grain... that's when someone needs to lay down the line. On a website I often go to, Rotten Tomatoes, this man's horrible review of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, was one of THREE negative reviews on the site (possibly the entire planet). Stop and think about that for a second. He said, "Like all the other installments in the saga, The Return of the King is part of a good movie, but only mediocre on its own, full of awkward pauses and redundancies." Yes, we hear you Mr. "I want attention for being a dumbass". And, we don't care. The movie won ELEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS, and somehow I don't think your opinion matters. Yet, I am shocked that someone with eyes can not like this movie. Not only was he wrong about Return of the King, he has been wrong countless times, including yesterday's review of HELLBOY. I saw it today, and he is wrong. But what else is new? Anyways, the movie rocked. But, Mr. Negativity said this about the movie, "For all the monstrous eviscerations, there's no real heart here." No heart??? Wait. A demon (from hell, where else) falls in love with a girl who can control fire. There's no heart? A romance, in a movie that has hounds from hell, a Russian mad man, A Nazi assassin who always wears a gas mask, has two big-ass swords, and is filled with clockwork and sawdust, and a giant demon. Did I mention there was a VERY BIG GUN? What else do you need? The movie rocked. Stephen Whitty is on crack. So, I want everyone who reads this site (all two or three of you) to stuff his inbox FULL of hate mail, criticisms, reviews, and pictures (preferably ones drawn by little kids (a stick figure with stink lines, perhaps)). This man must know he sucks.

(NOTE: Mr. Whitty continued pissing me off when he gave the movie "Mean Girls" 3 out of 4 stars. A movie about teenage girls gets a better review than the best movie of ALL TIME? If you are still trying to decide if this man is full of shit, that should help you)

Stephen Shitty, excuse me, Whitty, can be reached at


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