The Randomness Continues

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I turn on the TV this morning, and what do I see? Under "Headline News" is a story about Jennifer Lopez's mom. Apparently, Guadalupe Lopez placed a $3 bet on a spin the wheel game at a casino, and won $2.5 million. Really. That qualifies as headline news? What, the fact that she won $2.5 million dollars? Her daughter is a (horrible) musician and actress. As bad as Jennifer Lopez's career is, she still makes money. Hell, she was married to P. Diddy (whom, despite having no talent, still has enough money to try to buy the Knicks. Keyword try), and almost went out with Ben Afleck (who also has no talent, but hey, his name sounds like Aflac, and their commercials are pretty funny). Both of those people might suck, but they still have money. Jennifer Lopez's mom could get anything from her daughter. Yet, she plays some game at a casino and wins, and we have to hear about it. NO ONE CARES! When it comes to money, unless it has to do with us, the American public does not give shit one. We're all greedy. WOOHOO. I just found a coke cap that says "You win One free 20oz coke"! See how much everyone cares?? Not at all. All though, I care more about that then I do about "Ben and Jen's break-up." Come on, it's a good thing. Did you see GIGLI? Neither did I, but it looked like a flaming piece of cow shit.


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