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Monday, February 16, 2004

I read an article on Reuters (I know... I was reading something on REUTERS! I was as shocked as you probably are now) the other day that was about Canada condemning a show Conan O'Brien did in Toronto last week. I watched the show, being a huge fan of Conan, and I thought it was great. But, apparently, some guy was offended. He said, "We want to disassociate ourselves from the comments which were broadcast last night because we do not support them in any way." Fantastic! I don't know who you are, but apparently when you say "we", you're not talking about you and your multiple personalities (or saying "yes" in French). You speak for the entire country of Canada? All of the moose too? What about the miles and miles of inhospitable frozen wasteland? Some other guy (she turns out to be a girl, actually) of the left-handed New Democrats, called it "racist filth", "utterly vile" and "vicious hatemongering". Wow! Don't you love her two word vocabulary? She must have been one of those little kids who walked around saying "poopy" when she was four, because that was the worst word she knew. And now she's all the way up to calling people "racist filth"! Please. There was nothing wrong with that show, unless you happen to be: Canadian, female, homesexual, heterosexual, alive, an impressionable teenager with nothing to do and a blog, male, American, or allergic to people with orange hair. And come on, how many of us fit into that category? But really, if we executed every celebrity that did something stupid, Justin Timberlake would have been killed thousands of times. Okay, maybe some people could take offense to some of the things he said, but it's called an "off" button. It's on the remote! If you push, the TV turns off! WOW! Now, nothing against Canada, but we here in the US have something called a "constitution". There very well might be something in there called "freedom of speech". Or maybe I'm mistaken.

So, despite all the things those left-handed people might have said, Conan, feel free to do a week long show at The WiseGuy's house, we won't call you "racist filth". (NOTE: The truth is, if Conan O'Brien did a week long show at The WiseGuy's house, we probably wouldn't be able to talk anymore, considering the biggest celebrity this site has seen is STIMPMITS).


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