The Randomness Continues

Sunday, February 22, 2004

[CASUAL OBSERVER]: What's that?
[THE WISEGUY]: Only the greatest website EVER!
[CASUAL OBSERVER]: Sweet! Can I see your website now?
(casual observer reads first line)
[CASUAL OBSERVER]: Why do you hate Ray Liotta?
[THE WISEGUY]: I don't. He hates me.
[CASUAL OBSERVER]: Have you ever met him?
[THE WISEGUY]: Well, no.
[CASUAL OBSERVER]: Then how do you know he hates you?
[THE WISEGUY]: I can just tell. Plus, his movies suck!
[CASUAL OBSERVER]: Have you even seen any of his movies?
[THE WISEGUY]: Yeah! I created a list.
[CASUAL OBSERVER]: Ok, read it to me.
[THE WISEGUY]: Universal Soldier., Timecop, Chairman of the Board--- why are you looking at me like that?
[CASUAL OBSERVER]: Well, those first two were Jean Claude Van Damme movies. And the last one... that was Carrot Top.
[THE WISEGUY]: Oh, well, I have one more...
[THE WISEGUY]: ...Universal Soldier: The Return...
[THE WISEGUY]: Oh well, I did see him in Field of Dreams. He played that one baseball player, Shoeless Joe.
[CASUAL OBSERVER]: That was him. I thought he was good.
[THE WISEGUY]: Really? Jeez, I thought he sucks.
[CASUAL OBSERVER]: You need to grow up, Ray Liotta doesn't suck. He's a very talented actor!
[THE WISEGUY]: You're right...
[CASUAL OBSERVER]: I knew you would see it my way.
[THE WISEGUY]: ... he blows!

(NOTE: THAT CONVERSATION, MORE OR LESS, DID HAPPEN. BUT IT WENT MORE LIKE: what's the deal with you and ray liotta? you need a life. now stop telling me to go to your damn website! OH WELL, MY VERSION WAS A LOT BETTER)


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