The Randomness Continues

Sunday, November 09, 2003

The WiseGuy was in a big white open space, with no walls, doors, windows, or color. There was nothing. He didn't know how he got there, but like in most cases where your stuck in a big wide open white place, there's a black guy wearing funny sunglasss, a purple trench coat, and a green tie next to old leather chairs and an ancient TV.

"Do you know who I am WiseGuy?"
"Are you God?"
"Very close, I'm a crazy guy."
"Ahh, I see."
"That's not the point though. You've been living in a dream world."
"Really? You mean to tel me that the world is simply a computer program that enslaves the human mind to use it to power millions of machines that hunt down rebels in the scarred remains of the real world, and I'm the messiah who's come to do battle with an evil program that theatens to take over the machine world and the real world?????"

By the time I was done he had stolen my wallet and ran off.


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