The Randomness Continues

Thursday, November 27, 2003

The Randomness Continues Presents:

TV shows The WiseGuy should NEVER make!

1) Queer eye for the WiseGuy
2) ALF reunion
3) Joe Millionaire: An extraterestrial affair
4) Iraqi Bandstand
5) Lets Poke Bob Barker: The GameShow
6) Dr. Phil vs. Michael Jackson cage match on WWE
7) My mother is a man!
8) The Inagural speech of the 2004 President Elect Pauly Shore
9) A show hosted by Gene and Richard Simmons
10) George W. Bush says the darndest things
11) Fat men being hit with pies: The Musical
12) Who wants to Kick a Millionaire in the Crotch
13) Court TV presents: The WiseGuy Murder trial
14) The E! True hollywood story: STIMPMITS
15) The Maury Show presents: MY baby girl is a fat man!


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