The Randomness Continues

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The WiseGuy was sitting in math class listening to the teacher drone on and on... but all he heard was "blah blah blah look at me, I'm a big fat stupid jerk who thinks I am good at math, I like to wear underwear on my head!" As the hour progressed he found himself slipping in and out of varying stages of conciousness. By the time they reached Y=mx+b he had fallen asleep. When he woke up he was in the corner of a smokey bar in France during WWII. To his right was a man with 2 eye patches, to his left a man with two hooks as hands, and across from him was a man with two wooden legs.

"Hallooo noow cohmer, playse tull oos yur storeee!"

As he started his story a drunk monkey playing an accordian sauntered in. "Before the war my name was Adolf Hitl--"

The WiseGuy woke up in math class again. He was a little confused, and the left side of his face hurt. He thought, "Wow, that was a wierd dream." But then he started thinking about how he shouldn't fall asleep again...

When he woke up he was once again in the smokey bar...

"Halloo noow cohmer, playse tull oos yur storeee!"

A monkey smoking a pipe and playing a tuba sauntered in and began to play as he started his story. "I joined the war when I lost a bet on which was better, french wine of german beer--"

The WiseGuy woke up in math class again, the back of his head slightly numb and bleeding. "I remember this movie, it was the one about ground hog day where the guy is perpetually stuck in groundhog day... and he couldn't get out of groundhog day... I think it was called 'The day that never ended'". After duct taping his eyes shut The WiseGuy banged his head on the table to stay awake...

After knocking himself unconcious he woke up once more in the smoke filled bar.

"Halloo noow cohmer, playse tull oos yur storeee!"

As he started his story a monkey sniffing glue walked in playing a harmonica and did a short tap dance then died of noxious fumes.

"My story starts out very similar to the movie 'The Cable Guy'---" The WiseGuy woke up again, this time missing a large part of his face. "Ok, this time I wont fall asleep, no matter what happens!"

"WiseGuy, take out your pencil it's time to take your SUPER HUGE MATH TEST!"


The WiseGuy once again woke up in the small smokey French bar...

"Halloo noow cohmer, playse tull oos yur storeee!"

As he began his story a crack addict monkey came in and shot the place up and then left to pursue a career in politics.

The WiseGuy woke up in Math Class as the test began, then a monkey dropped in through the roof and blew the entire class up.

... the monkey woke up and found himself stuck in The WiseGuy's dreams. "Man, I could have showed up in an importanat person's dreams like George Washington, Carrot Top, or STIMPMITS... but Nooooooo!"


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