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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Dear Santa Clause,

Yes I do realize it is the first week of October, but this year I decided to send in my ultimatum (some prefer to call it a list) in early to receive the PROPER tributes (some call them gifts) this year. I do recall specifically writing "ISLAND IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC" and "PLUTONIUM" on my list... and was rather unenthused when I instead received socks. To clear up any unfortunate circumstances, when I send it I will include a picture and a chart that lists size, quantity, weight, color, price, and number of UN regulations you'll have to break. Yet I believe such a strong corporate Icon such as yourself would be glad to see such an efficient usage of my time (other than homework). Oh, and one more thing, I would like to clarify that "diamond" did not mean coal... I found that a cruel and unusal interpretation.

PS: Lay off the egg nog this year.

Yours in business,

The WiseGuy and the entire staff of The Randomness Continues


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