The Randomness Continues

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

THE RANDOMNESS CONTINUES: Society's scapegoat for over 4 months

Hello, and welcome to the old and unimproved randomness, where our motto is "YOU KNOW, THIS IS SOCIETY'S FAULT." Yes, when in doubt blame things on society, or canada... or in a jam, canadian society.

Now, over the last week I've gone into PHASE 2 of operation THE RANDOMNESS CONTINUES. PHASE 1 was to build up a large, and incredibly funny website. I've done that. It has content. Now I have to get it out to the world. Well, the co-writer-formerly-known-as-STIMPMITS hasn't done much... so why not bring in a pair of fresh brain cells (NOTE: I said pair)??? Sometime soon (hopefuly) I plan to bring in a new co-writer. He's a funny guy, almost as random as I am (almost...). I hope to get him posting before next week, so stick around. But PHASE 2 has not even started. I've been getting the website's URL out anyway possible. I passed out these creative pictures (showed Matrix code, made up of ?'s), I wrote down the URL on tables, walls, bus seats, people's hands, school papers, sidewalks, dogs, children, KKK robes... just about anything possible. Now I'm just going up to people and using the direct method. "HEY YOU, GO TO" It's kind of working, but then again most people don't pay enough attention. I though about hiring a sky-writer, but bought a video game instead.

So... I'm hoping to get LOTS of people to go here... (muffled laughter)

A WiseGuy once said...
-I'm not instigating revolution... I don't know what instigating means.
-Rebellious Youth... not your dads troubled teens
-I'm not TRYING to destroy all forms of government, I'm just NOT TRYING to save all forms of government [ANARCHY]
-You blame the worlds issues on me, I blame them on popular people, popular people blame them on their parents, their parents blame them on the government, the government blames it on France, france blames it on America, America bombs Iraq. So what does this teach us??? When in doubt, don't leave thousands of nukes at the hands of a chimp who has a C+ ejukashun (dubya).


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