The Randomness Continues

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I once heard a theory of the universe that stated: Every time something occurs that completley defies all odds, the universe starts over again. If that theory is true... the universe started again today at 3:36 outside Manchester High School.

Your driving down the road: You see a teenager with slicked down hair, wearing expensive sun glasses and Abercrombie clothes, while driving a corvette... like a maniac!

I was behind him... the teenager with the floppy hair under a crooked and faded baseball hat, wearing these wicked green sunglasses, driving an old Dodge (with STUDENT DRIVER on the top)...

I wasn't driving like a maniac. I was driving like a wiseguy.

Yes, I drove for the first time ever today. I did good (just like I speak good, and me english skills is good). I didn't crash. I didn't die (Or did I????). I didn't look cool (I looked wicked!). I just put my foot on the gas... even instead of the brake once. I got my pedals mixed up and went a few feet into the intersection ( ]:o Cow). Oh well, I lived.

A WiseGuy Once Said....

-The saddest point in a man's life comes when he loses what he loves most to someone else....

::drops peanut::
::takes peanut::

-Life is like a box of monkies... pointless and insane
-If half the world was one half smaller it would be a quarter of the world and we'd all be eating less pie :(
-I don't hate you, I hate a point six centimeters from your left nose... do you see it?
-I had a train of thought... it got derailed.
-You say tuh-may-toe. I say tuh-mah-toe. You say poh-tay-toe. I say poh-tah-toe. You say robbery, arson, and homocide. I say borrowing with no intent to return, smoking is legal; I needed a place to put the ashes, and I was shooting the wall; you stepped in front of the bullet.
-If idiots were lemonade we'd have a friggin stand.


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