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Saturday, September 06, 2003

And I thought I made things up. I was at the grocery store buying some IBC when I noticed one of those National Enquirers. The Headline read: ALIEN IN SLAMMER AFTER FIGHT WITH BILL OVER HILLARY. The picture showed Hillary Clinton screaming, Bill Clinton with bruises, and an alien mug shot.

I thought I was going to die of laughter. What has happened to the National Enquirer? At one point I thought I could trust them to give me up-to-date news on the woman in New Jersey who found Hitler's shrunken-head, telling me that the world will end on February 7, 2004, or that Elvis is alive and is actually a Bob Marley impersonator.

Ok, all of those (accept the new jersey woman) were made up by me. All others were made by some idiot who thinks the world cares enough that someone spotted the Devil in a cup of coffee (or god in a bowl of cereal) enough to pay $2.00 to read about. Losers.

Maybe Bill Clinton did get beaten up by an alien... I can almost hear the speach... "I did not get beaten up by that alien!" Maybe Hillary did scream at Bill. Maybe Zxyorfghdk did get arrested... but doubtful those events have anything to do with each other.


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