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Sunday, August 03, 2003

A WiseGuy's theory on: Lying

Creative Story telling. BSing. Stretching the truth. Breaking the truth. Anything Bill Clinton says. Whatever you want to call it. They all mean the same thing; lying. Now, I don't support lying like I support the super ball (you know, those super bouncy balls), but lying is a primal instinct, like breathing, sleeping, or ******* in the lawn (NOTE: If you can figure out what seven (*) means then you get a buck). My kind of lying (I did my homework but I got mugged by a gang of homework-thugs that steal my homework every day after I do it (HA!)) isn't as bad as a parent telling a story to their child and making them think it's real. All of our parents did this. We all loved this time of year when mom and dad would tell us of our favorite person. Rosy cheeks, a gleam in his eyes. He will always be one of the most famous icons of a holiday. Of course I'm taling about Richard Nixon... or am I? (Dramatic music like "Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn!!" Hmmmm

Milk, does the refrigerator good.


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