The Randomness Continues

Thursday, August 28, 2003

They say we bad influence. We say fooey. They say we angry youth. We say fooey. They say we like every other angry white guy from Michigan. We run at them with rusty chain saw.

In society you hear a lot of terms like "money", "economy", "stock" and "company". But all of those terms are never mixed with terms like "the", "randomness", and "continues". You may not think we are a company, but we are a publicly traded company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (aKa we're a rich third world company).

We're worth .43 cents. But that's a lot of money.... if you live in Nigeria... but even if you don't... I'm broke. So invest in us, you'll get the most out of insider trading, burning of documents, and idiotic leadership (did I tell you I'm also the only current Enron stock holder?).

They say we stupid. We say we agree. They say we not smart. We say who stupid now, Mr. wepeatedthesamequestion. Fooey.


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