The Randomness Continues

Sunday, August 03, 2003

STIMPITS was running. He was running from all things he knew were soon to catch him. He was running from responsibility and fear. He was running from all the taxi cab drivers that he was sure would turn around to be monsters.

Running up a sand dune seems pointless.

Running in general kind of pointless at all in fact

STIMPITS seemed to be doing it a lot latey... what with all the bathroom nimas chasing him... He was a marked man. But they would not catch him.... for he was STIMPITS.... but one day....

STIMPITS fell.... The sand dune had defeated him.... and he was so tired of running that he did not get up... the bathroom ninjas soon caught him and slit his throat... STIMPITS lay slain on the side of the sand dune...

(thats exactly how i felt at cross country camp(but yes STIMPITS is dead)(and no he's not coming back... but i will keep posting as a new character))


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