The Randomness Continues

Sunday, August 03, 2003

An otter swam in the ocean... his name has since been lost... so for the sake of things we shall call him Ot. He was a playful young otter without a care in the world... he just sat around all day having fun and swimming across the great depths of the ocean... (actually it was lake michigan for all you assholes who care).

One day he was minding his own business when he stumbled across a near dead human on a sand dune...

"listen to me" he whispered "i n-n-need you to p-p-post for me"

a tear fell from the otters eye

"One m-more thing..."

The otter looked confused

"could you hide my porno so my m-m-mom doesnt find it ARGHHHHHHH" STIMPITS fell silent as blood trickled from his wounds and his eyes glanced into nothingness

Ot glanced at the body, and as a distant breeze ruffled his fur he thought "Screw you dude... im a f*cking otter... theres no way in hell im replacing you as the co-writer for The Randomness continues... I'll find someone else for you but im sure as hell not doing it"

Thus began the quest for a replacement character in this blog....



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