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Sunday, August 17, 2003

The other day I was flipping through the TV channels looking for something to watch. As usual on every channel before 5 o'clock... there was absolutley nothing on. Then, just as I was preparing to watch an infomercial on Jack Lelane's power juicer (I've watched that infomercial 7 times... you can put WHOLE apples in that baby) I heard those infamous lyrics.... "... and move to Beverly. Hills that is. Swimming Pools. Movie Stars." Yes, the Beverly Hillbillies. Not the old show... the movie. Yes... the god-awful movie. But it made me start thinking.... 60's and 70's shows like The Brady Bunch, The Beverly Hillbillies, SWAT, Starsky and Hutch, and many more are, were, or will be movies. That's not really the problem... the problem is, if 30 or 40 year after it was on TV these shows are made into movies... will we see a Friends movie in 30 years?????? Just the thought of it makes me sick... but it could be worse. Survivor: The Movie????? Not yet... hopefully not never... wow my grammar sucks. Could horrible TV series really become horrible movies??????
I seriously hope they (movie writers, producers, directors) don't screw the industry even more by making a Joe Millionaire Movie. That would be beyond sucking. Wayyyyy beyond. But there is a positive side of making TV series into movies... mainly The Simpsons (currently in its 15th season. Slated for 16... THREE movies are going to be made after the show ends... wow, I'm in simpsons Nirvana) and Samurai Jack (no word on any movie for this show... just wishful thinking on my part... but imagine, someone like Jet Li as Jack... man that would be sick) as movies. That would be unbelievably awesome. Well... enough of my rantings... for now.

They say we no good. We say fooey. They say you stop now. We say fooey. They say you go school now, learn, get job sitting in cubicle. We run at them with rusty chainsaw.


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