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Monday, August 04, 2003

Not much is known of the next few weeks of Ot's travels... but this much is certain... somewhere along the way he learned of the "Island of Lost Dreams" (DAMN YOU SPY KIDS FOR TAKING IT FIRST). It has been told that the IoLD is home to all the failed co-writers of the past. So Ot was generally certain that he could find a writer to take over for his lazy otter self. So anywho, there were only two entrances to the IoLD... one of them was greatly overlooked by historians and Ot alike is known only as the "back door"... but it was far too easy so most avoided it. The other was a sacred gate that could only be opened by the "blue key"... The keepers of the "blue key" have since the start of time been the reclusive tribe known as the "blue team". In recent times the "blue key" has fallen into the hands of the "red team".... after several weeks Ot arrived at the fotress of the "blue team"... here our story will resume.

"HOLY SH*T A TALKING OTTER" screamed the chief of the blue team.

"Yes i am and otter... and yes i can tal-"

"You things are so cute ya know" interupted the chief.

Ot sighed in annoyance.

"I've always wanted a pet otter... i mean who hasnt... they always have that playful aura to them" the chief wore an expression of pure joy.

"I'm here to discuss the "blue k-" but soon after he had uttered the letter k the chiefs smile faded from his face... Ot continued "ummm first of all I'd like to make a deal... if i can get you the key would you be willing to let me use it to get to the IoLD"

"This isn't a game of Zelda ya know... but yes if you get it back i suppose I'll let you use it... but understand that this blue key is very important to us bluepeople" (something of the way he said it made Ot think that it was one word).

"One question... why is the key so important to you?" asked Ot.

"Well ya know... its a bit complicated... ya know... it's blue... we're blue... it just is alright"

Ot set off to get the key



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