The Randomness Continues

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Hello, and welcome to The Randomness! This website has, for almost three months brought you laughs. Even if you don't know what a sense of humor is and your such an SOB that you hate the sound of childrens laughter your probably still got atleast one or two laughs out of this site. But I'm still not famous. I should have my face on wanted posters in Post Offices or something... but no! I'm still just a faceless face in the crowd... wait, that doesn't make sense! Regardless, one day though I will get mine!

3,000,000,000 (for the lack of space we'll call it a long time) YEARS IN THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!

[FUTURE MAN]: Wow! Look at this box thing called a Commie Puter. Look at this website on there. It's called THE RANDOMNESS CONTINUES! How amazing! This WISEGUY must be a god or something. Lets worship him in a non-sacreligious way!
[OTHER FUTURE MAN]: Yes. Let us do that. Can you believe people watched American Idol instead of going to this website every day religiously????

You see??????? I'm a (non-sacreligious) future god!!!!!!! All shall (non-sacreligously) bow down to my (non-sacreligious) power!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!! Well, maybe they wont... but still. If you consider the number of people who watch "Television" compared to the number of people who "non-sacriligiously worship me" there are a lot more people rotting their minds than watching television... oh wait, thats rotting their minds than going to my site. You know what I mean.

This is your (Non-sacreligious) future (non-sacreligious) god saying (non-sacreligiously) good-night and (non-sacreligiously) god(s) bless. Wow, thats a lot of (non-sacreligious) work.


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