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Sunday, August 24, 2003

A cow being led to the slaughter. John Coffee going down the Green Mile. Daffy Duck arguing with Bugs Bunny on whether it is duck hunting season or rabbit hunting season. Me logging on to AOL. All of these sum up the hopeless feeling I have going into the first day of school. Many people say that school isn't bad, and they look forward to seeing their friends.

HAHAHA. I can see my friends whenever I want, so why would I want to give up sleeping until the crack of noon just to see people I'm (for the most part, some exceptions) sick of? I like sleeping in, staying up, and not thinking. It is my privelidge as a... uhh... person... from... this country...

I am definitley not a fan of school. I hate it and I think it sucks that we are all forced to become zombie stiffs and file into a plain, boring, generic building to have some certified, totally boring junk shoved into our heads by other zombie stiffs who are getting paid to turn us into more zombie stiffs so we go on to assimilate more. The man who invented school must have been the same guy who invented the Borg from star trek. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

So in summary, I think it is our constitutional privelidge to not learn. After all, my ancestors came here late (like my whole family) just to benefit off of what hard working british people did, so I plan to continue that tradition by not lurning enytheng. boo ya.


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