The Randomness Continues

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

STIMPITS had lost track of the days...

He couldn't remember how long it had been since the bathroom ninjas had captured him. It could have been days... it could have been weeks. It could have been so damn long that all of his previous entries had been squashed out by newer entries. But he knew one thing... he had to escape to post once more.

"Blast" he muttered through his gag as he tried to undue the soap on a roap that so tightly bound his hands. It took several hours before any progess was made. This was mostly due to the fact that every 5 minutes the bathroom ninjas would patrol his area of the prison and retighten the knot... however, between one interval of tightening he managed to undue the rope.

When the next patrol came he swung madly until he caught the guard in the stomach. In one swift motion he grabbed the keys and ran for the door (while taking off his gag and breaking the chains on his feet.) Then he ran... he ran until his legs burned and his veins pumped battery acid... then he ran some more (COUGH fight club COUGH). Soon he reached the nearest computer and posted his newest entry:

"It's good to be back...", he wrote," My hair slightly longer, my face aged, and my mind wiser I've learned a lot. I may never know how long the ninjas held me captive... until i check the calender"

He looked up at the ceiling and promised to post more...


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