The Randomness Continues

Sunday, July 13, 2003

STIMPITS decided to rip off thewiseguy and try something new....


#384 Fire Hazards
If you are capable of moving and can catch on fire.... you are never a fire hazard

#945 Pain
Pain does in fact hurt... and thus i have a low tolerence for it

#234 The Celtic Festival
If you want to see many drunk irish people and/or buy various medevil weapons look no further than the Saline Annual Celtic Festival

#107 Student Council
Being the Vice President of student council involves no work. Pretty much i just wait for the president to die... plus it looks good as all on a resume

#542 Worst argument ever
I once heard a kid say "If there is no god... How do you explain rainbows" (and to answer thewiseguys question atheists do not say "Darwin bless you" when someone sneezes(thank evolution we got that one cleared up))


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