The Randomness Continues

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Once upon a time...

There was a man named Jack. Jack had no job, and lived with his mother. Other than being 35, unemployed, and living with his mom... Jack also was broke, bald, fat, and had a rash on his left knee which may or may not have been poison ivy. Then one day Jack’s mom gave him some words of wisdom: GO GET A JOB YOU FAT OAF OR I’LL SELL YOU (which was quite legal in the country Jack lived in)! This was the inspiration Jack needed to hear.... so he sold his mom to a man on the street corner who said he specialized in magical fruits and vegetables. Jack wanted some bean seeds... but the man was all out. So instead Jack bought 3 magical Cantaloupe seeds. Jack figured if all else fails at least he would have a house and a whole lot of cantaloupe. He took the seeds home, planted them on the hill outside of his house, and waited. Within 4 years the magical cantaloupe had grown to the size of a very large cantaloupe, which suggested to Jack that maybe these so called ‘magical cantaloupe’ were fraud! These weren’t cantaloupe! These were honeydew! Everyone knows that cantaloupe is the money melon, and honey dew is just a cheap rip-off! Jack was so mad that he kicked the very large honey-dew and was promptly rolled over by the thousands of honey-dew that grew behind the very large honey-dew that was too far for Jack to walk because he was lazy and fat.

The End


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