The Randomness Continues

Friday, July 18, 2003

Hello, welcome to the Randomness. Anyone know what today is? That's right. Today is the 2 month anniversary of this website. I don't have time to do anything special though, mainly because I'm a slacker. But I'm proud of that. On to the randomness.

I've talked a lot about superheros on all of my websites. Why? Because there's just so much about them. I've talked about what makes a hero super, why batman isn't one... and that's pretty much it. But today I have something new... disguises. Take superman for example. On one side there's Clark Kent; kind of geeky, glasses, works at a newspaper. On the other... Superman; strong, cool, he can friggin fly. What separates the two? GLASSES. Can't those morons tell the difference between the same person wearing glasses and not wearing glasses? That's not a big difference. What about spiderman? Sure he wears a mask, but can't MJ tell his voice? She lived next to him for crying out loud. I mean, if you can tell someones voice on the phone without seeing their face, can't you tell the voice of a man wearing a mask? One day she's going to slip up when Spiderman rescues her, "Thanks Pete-- I mean spiderman" ... He's gonna kill her or something. Either superheros are morons, or the people they rescue are morons. Or both.


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