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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Hello and welcome to The Randomness where we have boycotted pants!!!!! Ok, maybe not... no reason to hide. Todays randomness is a public service announcement:

For all of you who actually know me (I know... scary thought) you know that I am someone what obsessed with The Simpsons. I can qoute it, sing songs from it, recite whole episodes, and have actually seen 309/313 episodes. But I am always looking for other funny shows. I've created a list of the top funniest shows on TV, My top 5:

1. The Simpsons: It can't get better than this show, it really can't. A drunk slacker dad, a know-it-all daughter, a gambling clean-a-holic mom, and a son who gets in more trouble than Bill Clinton. Then theres the other one, the one who doesn't talk (Maggie is so awesome, but Homer often refers to her as "The other one"). With so many guest stars (Danny Devito, Kelsey Grammer, N Sync, Blink 182, Tony Hawk, etc.) and unbelievably odd plot lines (Granpa Simpson wins a free autopsy, so he and Homer go to buy a tomb thingy. Grampa wants the largest and most expensive one. The man who is selling it tells him it takes about as much space as a regulation tennis court. So he buys a tennis court, thinking it's Foxy Boxing.) WATCH THIS SHOW!

2. Trigger Happy TV: This show is so awesome. It deserves to be #1, but The Simpsons will always be there. It's a hidden camera show that is a combination of SNL, and Jackass. It usually features a lot of people dressed up as animals, this may sound dumb, but it's not. Imagine this: One man is walking down a side walk in an alley towards a cross section. It's quiet, he's by himself. He turns the corner and suddenly 100 people dressed as animals holding signs chase him up the sidewalk screaming. Imagine this: There is a shop window with a scene from the North Pole. A "robotic" santa claus and an elf are putting presents under a tree. The elf bends down, pretends to pick up a package (it's in his hand the whole time) and then swings roboticly to where santa is. Santa then pretends to take the package (he never does considering it stays in the elf's hands) then bends down and swings his arms roboticaly to a tree. They do this several times; then when the elf swings his arms over to Santa, he drops the package and a look of horror strikes him as Santa runs to him and punches him in the face. Imagine this: A milk man drives up to a house, grabs a thing of milk, and walks to the porch. As he does this three people dressed up as cats come up and steal three crates of milk and walk off as the milk man looks on curiously. Imagine this: Two people dressed as rabbits are walking down the street past to women. They hug, then one points to a porta-potty. They go in, then it rocks really fast several times, then they walk out followed by six "baby" rabbits. If this doesn't sound funny to you your an idiot.

3. Family Guy: Another awesome show. It's just so random. It's about a family consisting of a dumb dad, a worried mom, a fat teenage son, a socially-obsessed teenage daughter, an evil 2 year old obsessed with killing his mom, and a talking dog named Brian. Although it didn't last long (3 seasons) it has some of the most random moments (Peter (the dad) talks to a tree whom he asks "If a tree falls in the middle of the forest, and nobody see's, does it make a sound?" The tree responds, "Yeah, Carl fell last week and he won't shut up about it." You then see a whining tree on the ground.). It's an awesome show.

4. The Daily show with Jon Stewart: The only news show I will EVER watch. It takes the news and totally makes fun of it. Everything from made up stories, to top headlines. There isn't much I can say on this show because I watch it too often to remember pieces of it. Oh well, forget CNN. This show is better. (then again so is getting your teeth pulled out)

5. Malcom in the Middle/Futurama/I'm with Busey/SNL/Conan O'Brien/Jay Leno: Too many shows.... so you must be wondering "What an idiot, there are exactly 10 shows on your list, yet you do a top 5????" Yes. Yes I do. Jerk!

A WiseGuy once said:
-I'm really a cybourg from the future sent by a system of robots to assisinate the unborn leader of a future resistance group. The leaders name? John Conn--, I mean... um.... uh....STIMPMITS! But don't tell him. You know... that would be kinda dumb if he found out and all, considering I'm supposed to kill him an all that.... you wont tell him will you? Oh shoot, this is his web site too----
-I've been watching too much Terminator. I saw Terminator on Tuesday, T2 Wednesday, and T3 today (not yet, but I am)

Later all... oh sorry. Hasta La Vista, baby. (No, I am not like Ahnuld. Get over it you fat oaf (it's better if you add the ahnuld accent to that))


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