The Randomness Continues

Thursday, June 19, 2003

A young man and an old man sat on a bench waiting for a bus. The old man was holding a box of chocolate. He turned to the young man and went to offer him a piece, but the young man stood up and looked at him. "I've seen this movie man... they all die! You killed them!" And he ran off crying. Is this you? Do you often strike out at movie impersonators mistaking them for movies that actually suck? If you said yes, then you may be suffering from a disease known as SPS, or Stuid Person Syndrome. If you frequently have problems mistaking great movies like Happy Gilmore, Tommy Boy, and Dumb and Dumber with horrible movies like Titanic, Pearl Harbor, and a Beautiful Mind... you may be suffering from SPS. If this is you, contact your local Doctor, Nurse, Medicine Man, or drug dealer to get Stupinol, the 24 hour anti-stupidity pill that's actually made from tic-tacs painted red and white. 1 in nine people, 25%, suffer from PBS.... I mean SPS every year and are too dumb to go to there doctor. Be different. You may not be smart enough to know what super expensive, uneffective, horribly addictive drug can help you.... and neither do we. Wait.... the guy holding the cards says we do. And that drug is.... uh.... oh yeah. SPS... no, no, that's the illness. Stupinol can Help you. We can help.... wait.... hold on... don't cut me off!!! Now their going to kil----


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