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Friday, June 20, 2003

Well today I saw HULK (I figured all caps would make it look all big and bad....), it was a SWEET movie! But I figured "Why not cash in on the super hero hype why it's here?". Not one to ignore the voices in my head I decided to find out what happens to old superheros when they retire... super heros that never make it... and whethere or not Batman is really a superhero (funny story... A few days ago I posted something from my other web site about batman not being a super hero... I got more e-mail about that than about seeing god in my lucky charms... wierd. One of them called me a [CENSORED BY AUSTRALIA] for having such a [CENSORED BY AUSTRALIA] web site.)... so what better of a person to ask than THIS GUY NAMED JOE WHO WORKS AT MCDONALDS (we'll call him Joe).

[ME]: So Joe... if that really is your name.... is it?
[JOE]: Yes.... or Jose if Im spanish
[ME]: Are you spanish?
[JOE]: No... Im japanese
[ME]: Really? You look German
[JOE]: (shakes head) Yes, I'm German. So what do you need? You were kind of sketchy on the details when you text messaged me at 3:17 in the morning and threatened my dogs life.
[ME]: Oh about that... your poodle is ok.
[JOE]: Thanks.... but I had a German Shepard.
[ME]: Really? Isn't your house the grey one by Dairy Queen?
[JOE]: I live in an appartment.
[ME]: .... Woops. Anyways. I saw HULK today... 12:30 show. Huh? Am I cool now???
[JOE]: My cousin got me that movie last week. I just saw THE HULK 2 on my computer this morning!
[ME]: Really?
[JOE]: No. You ever heard of Gullibles Travels?
[ME]: Yeah, I didn't like it though. I mean... so Darth Vader was his father?
[JOE]: .....
[ME]: That's besides the point. What came to ask you were some questions about super heros. Where do super heros go when they retire?
[JOE]: That little phone-booth in the sky.
[ME]: The ATT satellite?
[JOE]: Next question.
[ME]: What happens to failed super heros?
[JOE]: You mean like Corporate Scandals Dude?
[ME]: Next question.
[JOE]: Your asking the questions man.

Personally I think that went well....


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