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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Welcome back to The Randomness, the only web site that is currently not talking about Sammy Sosa (we pride ourselves in this... we really do). Instead, our attention is focussed on few things:
- Summer (obviously... it's so close I can smell it... it smells like bleach)
- Sammy Sos--- I mean Global Warming
- The 50 state capitols... they don't make sense
- The word Colonel.... so you're to good to be called a Kernel?????
- Hockey (it always is... always!)

Now you know what's on our minds, so when we randomly shout things out (Buy Orangeclean!) you might know what we mean. Now on to the randomness (you mean we aren't already?? Stupid monkies!)! The media is like a five year old at christmas:
BEFORE CHRISTMAS: "Mommy! I want that toy! NOW!"
DURING CHRISTMAS: "Wow! This is such a cool toy! Where are the other presents?"
AFTER CHRISTMAS: "It broke! I want something else! NOW!"

BEFORE THE WAR: "Lets talk about this war... we all know it's coming."
DURING THE WAR: "So when will this war be over?"
AFTER THE WAR: "So Sammy Sosa denies claims that he purposley put a cork in his bat..."

Am I crazy (yes), or do they really really have problems? Before it happens all they talk about is how it should be happening. While it's happening all they talk about is how horrible it is. And after it's happened they are already talking about Martha Stuart and Sammy Sosa. Why????????????????????????????????????

Dictators, tyrants, communists, monarchs, fascists, satanists, terrorists, corporate CEO's, dentists, lawyers, 12 year olds, teachers, Al Gore, the cast of friends, Ron Howard, soccer moms... and now the media. My list of annoying things grows ever larger.

A wiseguy once said...
- "Leave me alone... I'm eating a sandwhich!"


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