The Randomness Continues

Monday, June 16, 2003

Tony awoke one morning with the promise of a normal summer day. Soon, however, his hopes of a nice peaceful day were crushed like a grape that has been mercilessly beaten by a big stick. It took him only several seconds to realize the following.

1. He was not at his house house (friend)
2. It was 6:30 in the morning
3. He had a counseler meeting at 8
4. Cross Country at 9
5. His hair was dyed slightly blue (irrelevent)

He struggled to get ready for the meeting (he had no idea what to expect) but was ready by the time his mother arrived to pick him up. He left without bothering to say goodbye...

He arrived at the school and went to the office where he caught the attention of a Mrs. H. Soon he found what the problem was. His class schedule stated that he had 2nd hour listed as a "free hour" (this was due to the fact that he will be taking German 1 2nd semester instead of 1st) He filled in Algebra 3 for the "free hour" (he has yet to realize that the class will consist mostly of upperclassmen). He moved on with his life.

9 o'clock soon rolled round. He met with the other runners (please note the "runners" means unhealthily skinny girls and fucked up guys) and ran 4 miles a little bit too fast. After this too fast run he experianced the first "exercise induced puking" of his life (he soon figured out why the girls were so unhealthily skinny).

Several seconds after he reached home he recieved a call from another runner (again... fucked up guy) inviting him to a water park. It was a bunch of fun racing down the lazy river all day. His friends and himself were only yelled at about 15 times and only threatened to be kicked out once. It was fun in the sun.

After all this sun and fun, tony was very tired. He went to sleep and later would most likely wake up. When he did wake up he noticed two things

1. He was slightly more tan
2. His back was burnt like hell.

He sighed and then he wrote this.....


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