The Randomness Continues

Monday, June 16, 2003

This morning I sat starring at my cereal bowl... waiting for something to happen. After about 10 minutes all I had seen was a couple Pepsi commercials and an apparition of the maid from the Brady Bunch, when all of a sudden I noticed a shadowy face becoming clearer, deep in the Lucky Charms. I screamed in terror and threw the bowl to the ground as I watched tiny pieces of Geraldo Rivera scatter as they hit the floor. STIMPMITS has officially become "one of us", I know he's probably regretting that decision now. Oh well, atleast the monkies have some competition now (they don't like losing).

A WiseGuy once said:
-Death, like a new season of Survivor, is inevitable.
-The only thing that keeps me going is the realization that I’m so much better than Joe Millionaire.
-Don’t cry over spilt milk... but if you spill your Mt. Dew... heck, I’ll cry with you
-Being a sore loser is only half the battle... the games not over until you accuse the other team of cheating
-Big Bird’s ghost is not haunting my bathroom
-I did not let the dogs out
-One hit wonders still deserve recognition for their talent (they do... they have that show on VH1 hosted by Captain Kirk (I mean William Shatner))
-Slimer is not the best character in American cinema
-I always consider Star Wars as the best analogy for life... a little green guy tells you what to do so you ingore him and go off in the middle of the woods and party with some teddy bears!!!
-I did not base my entire existance off of my heros, Jon Stewart and Homer Simpson
-I did not just lie ^

Last words of brave idiots:
-It’s only fire
-Sure it can hold both of us
-It doesn’t look alive to me, lets poke it!
-Bet you a dollar it won’t explode!
-That’s just a superstition, tigers can’t climb trees!
-Boy were you wrong... Poison Control Center my eye!
-The powers off... trust me
-Yes I put the brakes on
-Safety Harness? What safety harness?
-What does “No opere la maquinaria pesada bajo la influencia de alcohol” mean??? Oh well... I don’t speak spanish. (NOTE: I seriously want to know how many people have to go to to figure that one out).

What if:
Nursery Rhymes and Steven King books were all lumped together??
(As told by The Randomness Monkies)

- Jack and Jill, went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water,
Jill fell down and broke her crown,
And Jack (nicholson from the shining) came tumbling after her (HERE’S JONHNY!!!)

-Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the Kings horses and all the Kings men,
Could not keep the gates of hell from opening again

-Little miss muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and way, when a long came a spider which laid eggs insider her and ate Miss Muffet all day.

-Mary had a little lamb
It's fleece as red as sin,
And everywhere that Mary went
That lamb would bring his kin.
They followed her to school one day,
An army of a thousand sheep,
They killed the children and stole their souls,
And all Marry could do was weep.

-Peter Piper picked a peck of poisoned pickled peppers,
If Peter Piper picked a peck of poisoned pickled peppers
How many other people did peter pipers poisoned pickeled peppers make sick?

Well that’s just about it.... All the randomness I think I had is laying in a puddle on the floor. I think I should go to the doctor for that....


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