The Randomness Continues

Sunday, June 15, 2003

STIMPMITS hates his brother. Well actually not his brother, but the fact that his brother got well over 1000 dollars at his graduation party (and thats not including the PDA and the laptop/labtop). STIMPMITS also doesnt like graduation parties. They always involve relatives that you never knew existed pretending that they've known you forever. For example.... He had never known of his relatives in Pittsburg... until Aunt Fraka called. "Who is Aunt Fraka???", he asked. He sure doesn't know but shes sleeping in his room right now. STIMPMITS wanted to hang out with his girlfriend today, but that never happened. Now hes bored and looking for something to do. And now he will go sleep and drown his sorrows in chocolate milk. WHOO HOO (i got a wintergreen).


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