The Randomness Continues

Friday, June 20, 2003

Sometime after making a toasted farvae bean sandwich STIMPITS sat pondering. His day had resembled a very bad soap opera. So bad that it was in Spanish and even though he did not speak Spanish he could tell it was bad. Then it hit him...

What was it you ask that hit him... Was it the meaning of life??? Had he realized the purpose of life, the truth of God, the universe and everything??? Did he finally know why the number 42 had always appealed to him??? Had he risen to a new plane of human existence??? (three question marks eh...)

Of course not... it was a rather large astroid that hit him. Oh well, he thought, maybe some rather attractive girls will show up at my funeral. Then again, maybe he wouldn't not here to care. He sighed and went to make another sandwich.... Then it hit him...


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