The Randomness Continues

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Hello to everyone and welcome back to the Randomness. Like I said, I had to stop Corporate Scandals week because I didn't have time.... well, now I do. I'm sitting here looking at my calendar and it's pretty full (Ok, I don't have a calendar. I have a napkin with the words "This is your calendar" written on the side and a picture of me flying a kite at the bottom), but I have cleared SATURDAY, JUNE 14 as the day for me to make up Corporate Scandals week. In addition to the five remaining Corporate Scandals blogs, the marathon will also include The Best holiday on December 25 (rocking chair day!) and the Best Holiday on July 4 (Kilt day!). Ok, those arent holidays, but by golly (by golly? What am I thinking?? Oh well, the back space button is too far away) we're going to do it anyways.

So grab a partner, feed the dog, shoot the cat (no one likes cats), burn your house down (but not your computer) and come on down to The Randomness for some good ol' fashion fun served with a big portion of red neck talk (Yee-Haw!)! Also, I hope to have a lot (ok, not a lot. Maybe 3-4) guest speakers. So if you're interested go chuck some road kill at my window until I agree to let you on (you pesky kids, wait till I get annoyed and start screaming things from the window!)!


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