The Randomness Continues

Monday, June 23, 2003

Hello, and welcome back to The Randomness, the only website that is illegal in all 50 states (actually we just don't like Kansas...). I havent made a "true" entry for a while, mainly because I was really busy. But the parodies turned out good (atleast I think so). But I'm back now.... whether that it a good thing... or a bad thing. Todays randomness will be light and tasteful (like a coolata!). Ok... you're probably all wondering what in the name of elvis a coolata is. Well it's some drink from Dunkin Donuts. I saw an ad for it while writing my blog on friday..... so like all crazy people I put it down. On to the randomness. Today the randomness was officially bashed by my dog, who called it a ,"woof woof woof woof grrrrrr woof!" Now I'm no translator, but I think that means something like 'Your web site sucks puny human!". Oh well....

A wiseguy once said.....
-When in doubt, don't think, because then you're not in doubt anymore.
-Trying to find out a come back for "up yours!', I messed up and said "down his!'... they didn't take that well at all....
-There is a thin line between sanity and insanity... we call them teachers
-I believe in evolution.... I mean, how else would idiots grow up to be jack as*es?
-Life is like a bad a Leonardo Decaprio movie... I mean HE'S in it!
-When things get real bad just think about the guy who lit his pants on fire trying to burn the cord that tied his legs to the bomb.... then you'll laugh, forget why you're misserable, mess something up, and die a painful, agonizing death.
-The word dumb does not describe people with lesser inteligence... it describes the moron who added a "B" at the end of Dum.


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