The Randomness Continues

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Hello, and welcome back to The Randomness, where as promised we have the continuation of corporate Scandals Week! All day today I will be posting 5 new blogs. Don't expect them all at the same time though, I do have a life (I know... it's hard to believe). Now on to the randomness. Martha Stuart is the epitome of selling cheap junk. She has a show where all she does is talk about stuff that her stage-hands make for her. Does she have any TRUE talent when it comes to cooking, painting, house-making, and all the other garbage she sells? NO. But she could (from Tommy Boy) sell a tomato flavored popcicle to a woman in white gloves. She is the master of making us think her garbage is high quality so we will all sit down and watch COOKING WITH MARTHA of MARTHA STUART LIVING. But now that she could go to prison is she losing some of the respect that morons gave her? Yes and No. Yes considering she did a bunch of fraud and stuff. No considering she's Martha Stuart (and that means what to me?). Will she go to jail? One can only hope. So stay tuned to HGTV for MARTHA STUART LIVING: 6-10 YEARS where she discusses how to get the puke stains out of your orange jump suit.


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