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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Hello, and welcome back to The Randomness where we have concluded that 4 out of 5 drunk cats... can walk the line after being dropped from a 7 story building and landing. The fifth, and unfortunate cat sued us.

RIP, Fluffy. 2003-2003. She was so young!

And now on to the randomness. Holy Bisquik Batman! There's a four headed monster! It's name? Saddam rhadam bin Stuart. The four people currently in the news lumped together into one horrible creature. Put your children to bed for this one. We'll take a non-in deapth look at these four people. All four can be lumped into the term "terrorist", yet only two truley stick out in the minds of those who understand what "terror" truley is. In a special investigative report, I interviewed my lizard. This is what he said:

[ME]: So, how would you desrcibe the front page of the newspaper? What headline stories catch your intention?
[MY LIZARD]: ::silence::
[ME]: Really? You agree with me on the four headed monster thing?
[MY LIZARD]: ::silence::
[ME]: Really? You find a better news source than CNN?
[MY LIZARD]: ::silence::
[ME]: Fascinating, you truley are.

So there you go, atleast my lizard thinks we're doing a good job... wait what was I supposed to be doing?

In other news, I asked STIMPMITS how many times he had fought alligators in the last 25 years, he said several. So there you go folks, STIMPMITS says: GO FIGHT ALLIGATORS.

A notsoWiseGuy says:
-Very funny... who messed with my blog????


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