The Randomness Continues

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Captains log, stardate a few hours ago. My trip to where no man has ever gone... and returned sane...

The fourth of July is coming up... so like any pyro maniacs would do, my brother and I set off to find "the good ones". You know... the kind that blow up, shoot in the air, make a lot of smoke. Those. Well, in Michigan those are illegal (meaning it's bad if they catch you), yet in Ohio they're legal. So we made the journey deep into uncharted territory. On the way there (still in Michigan) we spotted a fireworks store about a mile from the bored with Ohio. We decided they probably would not have any of "the good ones" so we passed it. We got to Toldeo, got on Detroit Ave., and then it all fell apart. We spent about an hour going up and down that road following signs for fireworks. We followed one until the road ended, gave up and decided to go home. The problem was.... we couldn't find the road to get back due to construction. We finally found the detour, got on the highway... and then missed our exit. We got off and turned back around to find the way back so we could take our exit. We pulled up to a road... and then it hit me. WE WERE BACK ON BLOODY DETROIT STREET!!!!! From there we worked our way back to the detour, TOOK our exit and went back to good ole Michigan. We decided we would atleast TRY this place about a mile from Ohio... you never know, maybe they had some OK stuff. Turned out they had all "the good ones" and it was in Michigan... and it was illegal. But we didn't care... Ohio sucks!!!!!!!!


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